Helsinki’s Chinese New Year is organised in a responsible manner. Helsinki Events Foundation has been granted the EcoCompass certificate, and the environmental impacts of Helsinki’s Chinese New Year are assessed annually. We focus on keeping the environmental load of energy, acquisitions and materials as well as logistics as small as possible. We also expect our partners and subcontractors to operate responsibly.

We aim to minimise the emissions of the event’s energy consumption and to choose 100% renewable green energy whenever possible. 

We avoid single-use acquisitions and attempt to minimise the amount of mixed waste resulting from the event. Our printed products are 100% carbon neutral. We endeavour to improve event logistics and decrease the environmental impacts of the event in terms of transportation as well. We encourage visitors to arrive by public transport, on foot or by bike. Electricity consumption decreases when people leave their homes to attend events.

Helsinki’s Chinese New Year is a discrimination-free event and we expect the entire staff, event partners and subcontractors as well as event visitors to commit to the principles of equality, fairness and non-discrimination. If you observe any activity that suggests discrimination at the event, please immediately notify security personnel, who can then intervene if necessary.