Chinese zodiac

Chinese zodiac is based on a mathematical cycle of 12 animals. Each year is related to one of the cycle’s animals and each animal’s attributes are believed to have an impact on the events of the year as well as on the characters of the children born that year. As the zodiac animal is determined according to the Chinese lunar calendar, it cannot be figured out solely based on the western calendar year. So people born in the beginning of the year better pay attention when trying to find out what is their Chinese zodiac sign!

Texts Pertti Seppälä   Illustrations Anna-Kaisa Jormanainen

What is Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

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Illustrations by Anna-Kaisa Jormanainen

Chinese New Year Celebration brings life and color to wintery Helsinki. Bright lanterns, Chinese new year delicacies, dragons and lions together with talented performing artists from Beijing, create an unique festive atmosphere. The event is co-hosted by the cities of Helsinki and Beijing.


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