People born in the year of the rat are well known for their physical attractiveness. But their cool charm is actually hiding their inner aggressiveness and straightforwardness. Rats are creative and inventive as well as quick-witted and sociable. They work hard in order to attain their goals and gather wealth. Often people born in a rat year are perfectionists. Usually they are very economical and good at saving money. They get angry easily and love to gossip. Sometimes they are intolerant and scheming. They are quite ambitious and in most cases they succeed in the end. Rats get best along with dragons, monkeys and ox.


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Chinese New Year Celebration brings life and color to wintery Helsinki. Bright lanterns, Chinese new year delicacies, dragons and lions together with talented performing artists from Beijing, create an unique festive atmosphere. The event is co-hosted by the cities of Helsinki and Beijing.


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