People born in the year of the rabbit are explicit, talented and ambitious. They are virtuous, somewhat reserved and have excellent taste. They are also artistic and flexible. Rabbit type people are respected and trusted and they are also often lucky with money. They like to gossip, but they know how to be tactful and have a lenient heart. Many of the rabbits are a bit lazy. They rarely lose their temper. Sometimes rabbits might withdraw to sulk in their own company. They are crafty when they are doing business, but as they are deeply conscientious, they would never break a deal. They could be very good at gambling as they have mysterious gift to always make the right choice. But they very rarely gamble for they are conservative and wise. They get along best with sheep, pig and dog type persons.


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Chinese New Year Celebration brings life and color to wintery Helsinki. Bright lanterns, Chinese new year delicacies, dragons and lions together with talented performing artists from Beijing, create an unique festive atmosphere. The event is co-hosted by the cities of Helsinki and Beijing.


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