Among the Chinese zodiacs monkey type people are seen as temperamental geniuses. Witty, brilliant and flexible monkeys are astonishingly imaginative and original which means they are able to solve even the most difficult problems in no time at all. There are only a very few fields where monkeys couldn’t excel, but they have a baffling tendency to give in for their own desires. They want to do everything here and now and if they cannot start a task immediately, they will lose their spirits and simply drop it. Although monkeys are good at making decisions, neither do they mind relying on other people. In the other hand, monkeys tend to be a bit selfish, which can make them jealous and suspicious. Monkeys have a down-to-earth attitude and enormous thirst for knowledge. They also have an excellent memory. Monkey type people are strong-willed, but if they get angry they also calm down quickly. They get along best with dragons and rats.