Dragon type people are healthy, energetic, easily irritable, short-tempered and somewhat stubborn. They are honest, sensitive, brave and reliable. Among the Eastern zodiac, Dragons are the most self-centered and overbearing. They don’t lend money to anyone or give out flattering speeches, but as they are nevertheless soft-hearted, occasionally some people try take advantage of them. At worst the dragons can be dogmatic and even violent, but at best they are generous visionaries and loyal friends. They get on best with rats, snakes, monkeys and roosters.


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Years of the dragon

01.23.1928–02.09.192902.08.1940–01.26.194101.27.1952–02.13.195302.13.1964–02.01.196501.31.1976–02.17.197702.17.1988–02.05.198902.05.2000–01.23.200101.23.2012–02.09.2013 02.10.2024–01.28.2025

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Chinese New Year Celebration brings life and color to wintery Helsinki. Bright lanterns, Chinese new year delicacies, dragons and lions together with talented performing artists from Beijing, create an unique festive atmosphere. The event is co-hosted by the cities of Helsinki and Beijing.


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