Dance and Wushu in Chinese traditions

Dance in Chinese traditions

Dancing isn’t part of Han-Chinese traditions but Chinese minorities have a colorful dance tradition. Contemporary Chinese dance shows have drawn elements both from Chinese minorities’ traditions and abroad. The Soviet Union had a strong influence in the mid-1900s to development of Chinese dancing. Later influences have been taken from all over the world.

Wushu, aka Chinese martial arts

Martial arts have been developing from traditional meditation and weaponless self-defense to the sports that they are now. Nowadays some martial art forms are still used as a traditional way to meditate and to take care of one’s health. A newer development of martial arts is to use them as a performance. As a performance different martial art forms are mixed together to create a coherent show.

Original text: Veli Rosenberg
Translation: Hanna-Mari Ylinen
Photo: Petri Anttila