Long Yun Martial Arts Group

Long Yun Martial Arts Group was established in 2006 by the famous martial artist Jackie Chan. Group’s members consist of carefully handpicked performers, selected from tens of millions Chinese martial art hobbyists. These skilled kungfu performers are renowed for their smooth movements and creative choreographies.

The group has visited over 50 countries and participated in over hundred grand performances and in over ten movie and TV-productions.


  1. Flowing Water 

    This performance combines water sleeve dance, which is familiar from Beijing Opera, with kung fu. Water sleeves 水袖 remind of the elegance and power of flowing water. The sleeves are sown as extensions so that they can be thrown in smooth but powerful movements.
  2. Bruce Lee

    Fast paced battle story centered around legendary Bruce Lee.
  3. Taiji

    Taiji (Chinese taijiquan 太极拳) is a traditional martial art in which practioners developed their mind, body and breath. The movements are usually smooth and calm, but there are also some faster routines.
  4. Warrior

    Fans are a common part of kung fu performances and their origin is from the dynastic era when fans were used as weapon among the gentry. Warrior performance includes boisterous jumps and flips as well as skilled use of the fan.