Zodiac Ice Sculptures

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of Chinese New Year Festival in Helsinki, twelve ice sculptures representing the twelve Chinese zodiac animals will be created at Keskuskatu and Ice Park.

Chinese zodiac is based on a cycle of 12 animals. Each year is related to one of the cycle’s animals and each animal’s attributes are believed to have an impact on the events of the year as well as on the characters of the children born that year.

The sculptures will be made by three Chinese masters of ice sculpting, as well as a team of Finnish and Latvian ice sculpture artists. Yu Zhengqiang, Zhan Weiqi and Wu Taicheng are all top level ice and snow sculpture artists from China. They have participated in various international competitions around the world. Current Finnish champion of ice sculpting, Anssi Kuosa a long with Eeva Karhu and Jouko Aroheinä will represent the Finnish ice sculpting talent at the event. Zigmunds Vilnis from Latvia, as well as Lkhagvadorj Dorjsuren and Dorjnamjil Baatawill from Mongolia will also take part in the ice sculpting of the zodiac animals.

Find out your own zodiac animal here and take a selfie together at the event site!

The ice sculptures are sponsored by Finnair.