Chinese New Year will be celebrated again at Keskuskatu on Friday January 27th 2017.

Chinese New Year Celebration brings life and color to wintery Helsinki. Bright lanterns, Chinese new year delicacies, dragons and lions together with talented performing artists from Beijing.

Programme on January 27th 2017

3:30 pmParade from Narinkkatori to Keskuskatu
4:00 pmJoyful Fan Dance Moomin Songs from China Lion Dance
4:45 pmBamboo Clappers Spirit of Kung Fu -performance Song Yue & Feng Daishan: Huan Qin Taipinggu Dance
5:30 pmColors of China Dance Taiji Performance Lion Dance Dragon Dance
6:00 pmNew Year begins! New Year’s Speeches Taipinggu Dance
6:30 pmMoomin Songs from China Shaolin Warriors Performance
6:45 pmJoyful Fan Dance Dragon Dance Liu Yining: Wo ai ni, saibei de xue
7:15 pmColors of China Dance Lion Dance Clash of Wild Animals Bamboo Clappers
7:45 pmDragon Dance Taipinggu Dance
8:20 pmGrand fireworks over Töölönlahti sponsored by Finnair

What is Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

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Chinese zodiac is based on mathematical cycle of 12 animals. Each year is related to one of the cycle’s animals and each animal’s attributes are believed to have an impact on the events of the year as well as on the characters of the children born that year.