Beijing City Contemporary Dance Company

Beijing City Contemporary Dance Company was established in 2005 by Chinese modern dance choreographer Aimin Teng. In Helsinki, the group performs dances which incoporate elements from modern dance and traditional Chinese dances in a new and creative way.


  1. Joyful lanterns
    Mesmerising music, red lanterns and lucky knots bring joy and fortune into the new year.
  2. Xianghe GeXianghe Ge -dance forefronts spectacular silk gowns and string and percussion instrument music.
  3. Zodiac Show Dance
    Zodiac animals get to run wild in this show which was specifically designed to celebrate the 12th Chinese New Year in Helsinki  and it mixes traditional and modern dance.
  4. Suo lin nang
    Suo lin nang is a romantic Beijing opera which was developed in the end of 1940’s. The Opera is famous for its female role’s (dan) moving and beautiful arias, some of which are bravures to performers. At the Chinese New Year event we will hear one of these beautiful arias.