Tiger in the Chinese culture

Tiger is the third of Chinese zodiac signs. Tigers were once abundant in China but nowadays all of the three tiger species native to China (the South China tiger, the Siberian tiger, and the Bengal tiger) have become endangered.

According to Taoist teachings, the world is made up of two energies, the yin, and the yang. The symbols of these two energies are a tiger and a dragon. The tiger symbolizes yin, while the dragon stands for yang. As such, the tiger is believed to be equal in strength to the legendary dragon. In Chinese culture, the tiger is the king of all animals and the ruler of the mountains. The stripes on the tiger’s forehead are seen to form the Chinese symbol for king 王 (wáng). The tiger’s strength, bravery, and ferocity are also signs of its royal status.

Even though tigers have been feared for their ferocious nature, this ferocity was also believed to work as protection. The Chinese of yesteryear believed that evil spirits are afraid of tigers or even pictures of tigers. It was believed that tigers could protect people from three of the worst calamities; fire, thieves, and evil spirits. For this reason, in ancient times, and in some places even today, children are dressed up in tiger-head shoes especially during the New Year. These shoes are decorated with an embroidered picture of a tiger’s head. The image of a tiger worked as an amulet and protected the child from harm.

The tiger has its place in Chinese medicine also. Archeological findings prove that tigers have been hunted in China for thousands of years. Tiger’s body parts were believed to have healing properties ranging from curing disease and aches to working as an aphrodisiac.

People of the year of the Tiger

According to beliefs, the nature of people born during the Year of the Tiger is often strong. They are determined and righteous but sometimes impatient. The confident attitude of people with the Tiger zodiac makes them independent. For this reason, Tigers shine while working alone and can find the help of others frustrating. Their determined nature can be taken as stubbornness, but the people close to Tigers know that determination is one of the strengths of Tigers. People with the Tiger zodiac trust in themselves and take on challenges that others dare not even think of.

The early life of Tigers is often full of constant change. Their drive to go from one idea to another can make them a tiny bit unpredictable. They give everything they can to their work, relationships, and self-actualization. When they get older, they might settle down, but this is not guaranteed. A new adventure might be on the way.

Tiger people are no strangers to love. They are romantics by heart. The adventurous nature of Tigers does not make them unloyal partners. Tigers strive to be the perfect partner. They are vulnerable when in love and often experience heartbreak after jumping headfirst into a relationship. The person at the receiving end of a Tigers affection can feel suffocated by the sudden tidal wave of love. People born during the Year of the Tiger need an understanding partner who is prepared to receive the heart of a passionate Tiger.

Year of the Tiger

Years of the Tiger are believed to be periods of great change. The vigor typical to Tigers takes over people and makes them take action. Every day brings new ideas and your life might be changed completely in the duration of one year. As such, the Year of the Tiger is a great time to kickstart new plans, as the luck of the Tiger guarantees an almost certain success.

Change is not always good, but it is certain that after the Year of the Tiger has passed you will have learned new things about yourself. The Year of the Tiger favors those who are not afraid of the unknown. So, be brave like a tiger and let winds of change whisk you away.